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I'm Kelly Kakalia.  With my husband Andrew and our keiki Cliffy, Eli, and ʻAuliʻi, we are Hoa Kai!  ..A family owned and operated business based on the island of Kauaʻi, in Hawai'i.  As a family of five including three kids under the age of 10, a lifeguard and a working mom life is exciting!  Spending the majority of our free time on Kauaʻi's beautiful beaches, we were constantly washing and drying tons of towels.  Sick of moldy, sand infested, washing machine space wasters, and slow drying towels.. we did our research.  We knew there was something out there that had to be better than this, and we found it!  The Turkish towel! Now we carry just one beach bag for all of us because the towels are so light weight and super sand resistant.  We just dry ourselves off, and hang the towels in the sun for a few minutes to dry.  The difference was honestly mind blowing!

The research didn't stop there though. We needed the "best of the best" Turkish towels and we wanted all of our friends and family to know about it. We learned that Turkish towels have been around for centuries, and very skilled craftsmen harvest cotton and hand-loom these beautiful pieces in Southeast Turkey!  Or so that's what we thought.

Unfortunately though, most of the Turkish towels sold today are mass-produced by big manufacturing companies in places other than Turkey. These mass-produced towels are still nice, but are not near the quality of the hand-loomed luxurious towels we offer. Because of this, hundreds maybe thousands of weavers have been put into poverty. Manufacturers selling huge quantities of towels at a lower cost put Turkish families out of business and out of tradition.

So Hoa Kai was born! We are committed to supporting families we have thankfully found in a small village in Southeast Turkey near the Syrian border.  They are incredible master weavers, and have quality that no machine controlled loom can copy. We are grateful for these families who have strived through the hard times and have not given up! We are also appreciative for our customers who literally put food on these people's tables simply by supporting Hoa Kai products. Talk about a win-win proposition!  We love it.

Mahalo for your support and God Bless,

Hoa Kai

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